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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Ecological Degradation

It is intriguing to see the changes in the environment when there is to some extend an external disturbance to their surrounding ecological community.
The centrality of the theory of evolutions and the concept of geological time to modern biological and ecological thinking means that in the present context of accelerated extraction of forests and reef resources, the degradation and loss of natural virgin forests and reef ecosystems, scientists are collectively alarmed by the concomitant threats of biodiversity loss and species extinction. Some form of ecological degradation cannot be reversed. Example, from a rich virgin forest to grassland or desert, and corals disappear replaced by macro-algae, mostly species of Sargassum become dominant.

From hundred percent Coral cover (above) to seaweeds overgrowth (below).

From thick primary forest (above)to grassland (below).

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